While you’re relaxing in our lobby after you’ve completed the registration process, our Office Coordinator will call one of our registered nurses or volunteers to escort you to one of our exam rooms.  The Creedon Wound Center has highly experienced health care professionals who will see to your comfort in the exam room, and will begin your assessment so that we can understand the full picture of your current medical situation.

You’ll meet one of our nurses who will begin your initial evaluation.  It’s very important that our Healing Staff learn as much as possible about how it is that you came to us for treatment. They are trained to obtain a complete and thorough knowledge of your unique case. The more we know about you, the better we can treat you.

Your nurse will use the Medical HistoryForm (PDF) or Medical History Form (Microsoft Word) that you just completed during registration to assess many aspects of your health condition, which will include taking various measurements and photographs, so that we can document your condition and chart your progress as you begin to heal.

Exam Room