Bone Scan Test

A Bone Scan essentially takes a picture of the bone to determine if a portion of it has become infected, which may prevent your wound from healing.

Bone scans are performed in the Nuclear Medicine Department at Alameda Hospital. The test involves receiving an injection in your arm, which requires a certain amount of time to circulate through your body so it can reach the bones. Then you will lie on a table while the large camera takes the necessary pictures.

A bone scan is a painless test except for the minor discomfort of receiving the injection and side effects from the test are rare. A bone scan takes about 4 hours to complete the entire test.

There are usually no special instructions for you to follow before the test, but your physician and/or the Nuclear Medicine Department will let you know for sure. They will tell you if you may eat, drink and take all your medications as usual. You should not need any special care or assistance to get back home.