Physician Evaluation

Assessing Your Situation

While you’re relaxing in our lobby after you’ve completed the registration process, one of our friendly staff members will escort you to one of our exam rooms. The Bay Area Bone & Joint Center has highly experienced health care professionals who will see to your comfort in the exam room, and will begin your assessment so that we can understand the complete picture of your current medical situation.

You’ll meet one of our medical assistants who will begin your initial evaluation. It’s very important that we learn as much as possible. Our clinical staff is trained to obtain a complete and thorough assessment of your medical condition as well as your general health. Please be as thorough as possible; providing more information will facilitate an accurate assessment of your medical condition.

With your initial evaluation complete, it is time for your doctor to see you. The Bay Area Bone & Joint Center is fortunate to have an excellent panel of smart and caring Orthopaedic surgeons who are experts in treating for a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions.

Your doctor will meet you in your exam room and develop a customized and comprehensive treatment plan with proven therapies that could include both non-operative and surgical options.

Your individualized treatment plan may also include other diagnostic tests, or visits with other clinical experts and specialists that might be needed. As an affiliate of Alameda Hospital, the Bay Area Bone & Joint Center has access to many clinical partners who can improve the quality of your care and speed your recovery.